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Facebook, World’s best social networking website with over 200 Million monthly active users, offers various services to its users. With Facebook, you just not allow to get contact  with the people and friends, but you can also get the best entertaining time along with it. Its has own Facebook App Center from where we can easily go to the best apps and games available in the tech market. Facebook game center has a numerous collection of the best and most popular games and apps for free.
We dosn’t need to pay anything or do any extra things, we can easily access Facebook App Centre by using our own Facebook account. We can sign up for it for free and we are done! In addition to it, here we have compiled a list of the top 5 Facebook Games for March 2014.


1.Candy Crush Saga

You  were right, it’s your own Candy Crush game which you played from your smartphones. Candy Crush Saga is one of the most popular games available not only for smartphones, but for Desktops  too. You can play this game online right from your PC. You must be wondering how can I play it from my PC? Well, the response  is simple. Go and explore Facebook App Centre. Candy Crush Saga is right there to play it within your PC. The best thing about this game is its pretty addictive game play. It’s a casual puzzle game, however it has a bunch of additional features, which make its game play more interesting and addictive. The game keeps you synced from all of your devices along with your Facebook account, so you can start playing it where you stopped yesterday.


2.8 Ball Pool

Do like to play Pool physically? It’s time to play it manually from your  Computer. People who already are addicted to playing Pool, do you like to play it from your Computer. There are various of ways of playing this game online. However, as soon as you are on Facebook, you don’t have to get messed up with other things. You can easily play 8 Ball Pool game from Facebook’s own App Centre. The game looks quite rich and give you a separate leader board where you can stick your scores and much more. You can play with your Facebook friends and much more. To get the real fun of playing a Pool game virtually, go and try 8 Ball Pool. Enjoy  it.

3.Cafe World

Café World is known as one of the most popular multiplayer game available in the technology market. There are huge such multiplayer games available. However, the simplest game play of Cafe World makes the people able to float around to it. Basically, it’s a game which relates with your cooking world. You can be the best Chef; can build your own food very smooth, delicious ,empire and much more. The best thing about this game is it gives you a real time visualization and moves of your friends .You can pass your time by playing and get  more entertainment.

4.Fish Ville

It is my personal favorite game in the Facebook’s App Centre. The most adorable feature of this game is it gives you a whole lot real world of Fishes along with an adorable aquarium. Here you have to manage your aquarium by shifting fishes. You have to feed them and quite something same things as you need to do for a real aquarium. To get some fun time, this game suits better

5.Mafia Wars

you must be waiting for some kinds of action packed games. Talking about the current scenario, action games have their own field where we can spend a real fun time& comfortable time. Here we will get world class weapons to shoot the enemies down. You will be a leader in making strategies. The game gives you a leadership with a weapon and full of power. In order to survive more in the game, you have to complete some work so that your energy can’t go down. Mafia Wars is quite a attractive game in the entire field of gaming. Go and try it out!

So what kinds of games do like among this above game.You can say you opinion. If you have some tips about this page you can comments here.I will try to improve my page.
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