How to speed up internet for your PC

Possibility #1 Read our guide on How to check  your internet speed and discover what speed up your broad connection is actually producing. You may have to phone them to get answer to this . If you have had your
broadband for some time, it may be time to upgrade.

Possibility # 2 Check what speed is achieving in your area . This is also covered in our guide on checking  your internet speed. If your connection speed is good .

Possibility # 3 Now You know what speed you’re paying for and what your hardware is capable of producing . There are a number of thing you can do that are likely make your internet faster.

·         Check that you haven’t exceeded your monthly download allowance . Some ISPs cap internet speed as a penalty for doing this.
·         If possible ,all-time use main  telephone socket for your broadband connaction.
·         If you’re using a laptop with wireless connection ,tray using it in a different room /use a network cable to connect the router instead.
·         If your PC is running any unnecessary applications in background It might slow your computer considerably. But finding out it’s happening can be a bit complicated .
·         Check sure your antivirus ( Free download antivirus) software is kept up to date. Viruses aware can slow your computer and internet a lot.
·         If you’re using a wifi, make sure It’s password is protected. Otherwise your neighbors will use your providing WiFi
·         If your connection is 3G but your area is not covered or it’s showing networking problems .You can use a cable for your 3G modem. It can help for good network .

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