Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Angry Birds mario online games

Angry Birds, I think all people might very well aware about this so attractive arcade based action game. Well, this is not kind of shooting and punching and all that, it’s a simple yet much interesting game ever made for a smartphone. Angry Birds has a series of games with varies  names in which Angry Birds was the very first edition of it. To add more, Angry Birds has already won a number of awards in various categories and added new benchmarks for the future games.
Angry Birds is easily available for all smartphones for free. And if you are an Android user, you can grab it directly from the Google Play Store. Apart from it, Angry Birds online is now available and you could play this game being online from your Computer. Check out the following report for more information! 

Angry Birds is all about survival. You are playing a character as a bird and your work is to protect  your eggs which are being stolen by piggies. Pigs have gathered  your eggs in a structural ideas. You will be given a slingshot with a  special shots to fall the structure apart. Simple it is! Angry Birds are there with  a special powers. Each color has got a own power to shoot the piggies down. The more you take care of your shots, the more score you will be getting. In addition to it, you will be given a special leader board along with all the things like your score, current level and many more things. Different levels create you more anxious to complete them which makes  the game more addictive for sure! Before to move further, following I have enlisted a few amazing features of this game, let’s have a look!

Features of Angry Birds Online
ü  Simple yet an addictive game play that even a non techie person too can enjoy it to the optimum level
ü  Serves an adorable graphical interface with an eye catchy colors all around
ü  Different levels to be done perfectly to achieve more with the game
ü  Different birds with different power ups
ü  New power ups to get the most out of it

 Aren’t these enough for you? Well, the above list shows just a few things about this game, if you really are anxious, so grab it now! Apart from anything else, if you want to download this game for your Computer , you can directly download them right from an Android Emulator. If you are not aware about such Android emulator, you should go ahead and install one now. Such Android Emulators allow you to download and install any of your favorite Android games and apps on your PC.
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