USB port not recognized or not working

If you have a problem with USB port’s of your computer ,here are some guidelines that may help you.

Hardware issues

Problem related to the connected device. Check that  the connected hardware runs an another computer .  Test other equipment on the same USB port.

Problem related to USB ports/motherboard /cables:

·         One or more USB ports may stop working due to a failar of the motherboard (after a power surge…)
·         There may be a problem between the port’s and the motherboard (faulty or disconnected cable)
·         Try the other USB ports one by one to check if they are properly connected to the motherboard or enabled in the BIOS.
·         If either the front or rear connectors are working ,it is probably due to fault in the connection between the USB ports and motherboard (check the extension cable) .

Driver and software issues

·         Check in the device manager that there is no yellow exclamation mark, which means a driver issue ,next to the USB ports (re-install the drivers if need)
·         Uninstalling and reinstalling the USB driver may fix the problem (be careful if you disable the USB ports make sure that you have a PS2 mouse and keyboard to operate your PC)
·         Some problems with USB ports: scan your PC using an online antivirus….etc
·         Restore your computer to an earlier point in time  ,repairing or reinstalling Windows can address this problem.
·         Check if the port are enable in the BIOS feature.

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