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I am needing a new PC..What do you suggest for me to buy, I only do my email, get on Facebook and play bingo on there and couple other games, and I use it to do my banking, and just general surfing..I have looked at many, do you suggest an all in one? I have a dell monitor..18 inch i think, and really dont need a monitor..I use a HP Pavilion Slimline  s3600f PC now..I really enjoy your comments on here and love the great deals I get..So please tell  me in what is best for me buy..Thanks so much for your tips

A tablet can easily handle your e-mail, Facebook and general web surfing and has the advantage of a lower cost and easy portability to anywhere in your house or anywhere else you choose to go. Looking at your needs, I wonder if you really need another traditional laptop Computer at all. 1 for only a little over $200.  These are so light that they easily fit in a purse and you can also purchase an additional keyboard if you think you may need to do more typing A tablet might be the most cost-efficient and convenient way to go for you.   Since you seem to enjoy Facebook ,games, I might suggest a Windows 8.1 tablet for you. Many Facebook games use Flashplayer and Android tablets and iPads do not support Flash games.  Although there may be app versions of the games available. You can find a decent Android tablet in the $120 range and a tablet capable of running the full version of Windows 8..

If you want  a tablet, you will need to have WiFi in your home. If you have it, you can just jump right on with your tablet. If not, you will need to purchase a router.

If you would prefer to purchase a desktop model, the good news is that your needs are fairly good, but the bad news is that an inexpensive desktop is getting harder and harder to find as more people switch to laptops and tablets.  I’m not going to give you a brand name, but I will give you this link thatdiscusses what things to consider when purchasing any PC.

Another option might be to check with your local computer store and see how much they might charge to put just a basic desktop model together for you. You might find they can be competitive with the big box stores and online retailers.

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