Google Releases Its List Of Best Apps Of 2015 You Can Install This Best App From Here

Every year toward December, Google releases a list of the best apps it recommends from the Play Sto... thumbnail 1 summary
Every year toward December, Google releases a list of the best apps it recommends from the Play Store.Google Release Its list of the best app of 2015. All of this app was top in 2015.It's a great way for us to discover interesting apps  to install on our device and for platform veterans to find apps that might have flown under our radar. This year's list is out, divided in 8 categories of 5 apps each, with a few added at the top, but the choices are if anything, a little weird.

There is 10 list for you. You can install to your device. Some of those app already have installed in your device.

1. Flipagram - Music Video Editor

It is a common and useful app for android user. You can edit all of music video by this app. You can make a nice music video using this app.

2.Robin Hood 

 I've been playing this game for soo long completed it in a matter of time best game I've played on phone/tablet so far :) I recommend this game to everyone who is a good gamer :D just amazing not any problems for me love it.

3.Language Learning busuu

Busuu gives you the opportunity to learn 11 different languages. Spanish, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Polish, Chinese, Russian or Turkish with a fully interactive course, tailored to your education goals.

Learning a foreign language is an incredibly rewarding experience and a serious confidence booster. Completely transform your travel experience, improve your employability, study or live abroad and, even better, meet new people and develop life-long friendships!

I love this app, it's interactive and shows you not only the spelling but also how to vocalise the words. True after a few sessions most activities become locked and you have to pay, but you're still able to learn every step without paying and just don't get tested on it. This is far cheaper and more accessible than Rosetta Stone if you do choose to pay

4. Colorfy Coloring Free Book

I was super excited to see this in the Playstore. I DL'd it right away and picked one of the first pictures I came across. Not too long after I started coloring, I realized that you have to pay to get more colors beyond the basic set (and I'm assuming more pictures as well). The price of the app isn't that bad. However instead of paying one time, you pay yearly, which I, personally, found to be a bit odd.

5.B&H Photo Video Pro Audio

 Like the title says, the app is really amazing allowing you to do everything you can possibly imagine fast and convenient. But this isn't the reason you wanna
download it, but their amazingly low prices on brand new top of the market high end gadgets with great detailed specs and descriptions.

6.Skype - free IM & video calls

Say “hello” to friends and family with an instant message, voice or video call on Skype for free. Join the millions of people using Skype today to stay in touch with the people who matter most. There’s so much you can do, right from the palm of your hand.
  "I haven't used my Skype account for about a year, and when I needed to I discovered that my account has been suspended. I got no notice of this, my email is very secure as well. Yet Skype has a form filled with questions I have no way to answer, such as exactly what year I opened my account. That was over a decade ago!"

7.Wishbone - Compare Anything

Wishbone is your home for comparing social content. Every morning you receive a new "Daily Dozen", which is a series of 12 pop culture-based questions with two distinct choices. If you complete all 12, then you get a "Nightly Dozen" too!! You pick a side and then you can see how your friends voted. It's a quick and fun start to each morning, giving you a little bit of knowledge about what’s buzzing around the world.


 I keep opening the app, doing nothing, and it moves me away from my spot in the timeline, making it hard to continue where I left off. I tried to use the Google Play email developer feature to report this bug and the address bounced!!! Is it better that they aren't pretending to listen about bugs though?

9.We Heart It

At its worst, it is still one of the best apps I've ever discovered. You know, the kind of app you scroll through on a late night while eating a mounded spoon of peanut butter? Yes, I, have found my own personal holy grail.

10.Cleo for Messenger

* Wake up your bf with a sweet ‘good morning’
* Crack up your friends by lip-syncing their favorite songs 
* Send your friend a special birthday message
* Show them what they’re missing at the next concert, party, or game

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