How to make a bootable USB Disk or DVD for Windows 10?

How can you make a bootable USB Disk for Windows 10? Here is a simple step for making a bootable USB Disk for Windows 10.

You can choose USB disk or DVD to make a Windows 10 bootable , though the USB offers some advantages like faster write speeds. You are also likely to have a USB drive, or your computer may not have a DVD drive, in which case the decision is already made for you.

First of all You make sure that the USB you pick to be your Windows 10 bootable media has no important data on it, because this process will format the drive, which means you will lose all important or not on it.You also need a  minimum 4GB capacity USB Drive, as the process requires 3GB of space.

Step 1. 
Download Windows 10 media creation tool.To find out which type of Windows you are running, go to Start, type Control panel, select System and security, and then, under System, look at the value for System type, or check this step by step guide by Microsoft.

Step 2.
Once Media creation tool is installed, launch the application. When it  asked What do you want to do? select Create installation media for another PC, and click Next.

Step 3.
On the next desplay, select your preferred Language and Architecture like determined in Step 1. And choose Edition as explained below and click Next.

Step 4.
If you are creating a bootable Windows 10 USB drive, select USB flash drive and click Next to follow the rest of the steps. A reminder once again you will lose whatever data is there in the drive you select.

Now select ISO file. Make sure you have ISO file of the Windows 10 version you selected in step 3 handy. ISO files are basically images of the setup files, and the Windows 10 ISO files are available from Microsoft