Samsung Galaxy S7 VS Moto X 2016 | Which Is The Better Android Smartphone?

Samsung Galaxy S7  is a better Smartphone but Motorola is making a Moto X thumbnail 1 summary

Samsung Galaxy S7 is a better Smartphone but Motorola is making a Moto X
2016 with marvelous Features. Which is better between those. Few Moto fans saying that Moto X 2016 is better than Samsung Galaxy S7.  Here you have the complete details on upcoming Moto masterpiece.

Moto X 2016

Moto X 2016 have a metallic frame and a camera on the back. The logo will be flat and same to the size of the camera. It will be powered by Sanpdragon 820 chipset.It will also have a stereo speaker at the bottom or the phone whereas the volume rockers will be on the right hand side.

Camera will be 21 megapixels rear snapper and 5 megapixel front. This smartphone have 3 GB RAM and 3630 mAh battery. The screen will be bigger. Camera features were seen on 2015 moto x models. The display will be about 5.7" & 5.5" with a Quad HD resolution.

Another special feature is "Heat Pipe". This feature will reduce the heat and your smarphone will be cool even though you use it for a long times.  The price tag of Moto X 2016 will be around $400.

Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung is also waiting to launch a flagship phone Samsung Galaxy S7. This Mobile phone will have 5.1" 2560x1440 Quad HD Screen. It will be powered by 8-Core Qualcomm 820 Processor with 4GB of RAM 32 or 64 GB storage options and also sport Micro SD slot. Samsung Galaxy S7 will have 12 MP Camera and a f/1.7 lense aperture. The battery life will be better with 3,000 mAh.

Another more special feature are wireless charging option, water resistance, a fingerprint and Iris Eye Scanner. The phone will be available in three colors black, white and gold. The price about $700 or $ 750.

I hope both of this smartphones are better. They are expected to launched at the Mobile World Congress and will take place next week. These wonderful smartphone will reach you before the end of this spring. You can choose the best phone for yourself.

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