Top Ten Smartphone at MWC 2016 like Samsung , Sony, Microsoft, CAT & Other

There are smartphones everywhere you look at MWC. Small ones, big ones, expensive ones and ch... thumbnail 1 summary

There are smartphones everywhere you look at MWC. Small ones, big ones, expensive ones and cheap ones. Dozens of manufacturers are trying to sell their phone. There are a list of best top ten smartphone in the world. I think you should like all of this. 

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

Samsung is the biggest smartphone maker you know and at MWC it is making sure anyone knows it. Samsung has make sure everyone knows it is still the smartphone king. Samsung phones are somewhat of and evolution of last year's model. Now the curved Galaxy S7 edge has been boosted to a 5.5" display white only slightly rising its footprint. It is already the best android smartphone in 2016 both in terms of design and latest screen.

LG G5 

 LG is another best smartphone maker in the world. LG needed to do something different. At Mobile Congress this year it launched a modular smartphone of sorts. LG G5 is also allows to add different for specific features like audio and photography and allowing you to replace the battery. It is a nice idea but without a price of the modules it is hard to judge how successful it will be. LG is trying to make something different.

Sony XA Scare

Sony is my favorite smartphone brand. I thin all of their smartphone is awesome. I like all of their smartphone.  Sony has reset its smartphone range, replacing the Xperia Z range with the Xperia X range. Sony includes a top of the line xperia X performance. It may not have the most powerful chip. It is a well designed smartphone and it is  waterproof smartphone. Sharp screen with edge to edge display and it is perfect size for one handed use. Sony is saying that they are better in the area of battery, camera and design. However this is best represent from Sony in the XA model.

Microsoft Lumia 650

Now a days Microsoft is making very useful and very well smartphone. Microsoft Lumia 650 is another better smartphone with Windows 10 platform. Lumia is surprising given that Microsoft's flagship device for Windows 10 Mobile – the Lumia  950 – was not well designed. 


Cat S60 is another different phone. CAT S60 is a chunky phone that can with stand drops onto concrete from a height of 1.8 meters. The big selling point of this phone is its predator like thermal imaging camera. It is remaining underwater to a depth for an hour.Another nice feature is that the phone can display live heat maps of the world around you allowing you to take spot temperatures.

ZTE Blade V7

It a nice smartphone from a Chinese company. ZTE Blade V7 it the latest addition to the range of phone. It is promise a great design and specs for a low price. ZTE Blade V7 is an ultra-slim phone, tapering to 3.5mm at its thinnest. This smartphone have 5.2 inch Full HD screen in compact dody. 

Alcatel Idol 4S

Now another piece from a Chinese company. Alcatel introduced the Idol 4 and Idol 4S at the show. Both phones look great but idol 4S has a powerful processor, high resolution display and 16 MP camera.  The best feature however is the fact that the packaging for the Idol 4S double as a VR headset. Alcatel is a plastic version. However Idol 4S won't be cheap, as it is set to be priced at around $500.

Gionee S8

Geonee is a longest running smartphone company in China that was founded in 2002. At MWC Geonee introduced its latest smartphone Geonee S8. It is a super-slim smartphone which claims to the world's narrowest smartphone with a 5.5 " display. It also features an iPhone 6S-like  3D Touch feature. 

Nextbit Robin

Nextbit is not a new smartphone company and the company did not have a booth at MWC but nextbit offers very different feature. Tom Moss and Scott Croule from Nextbit were present at the show to talk about the smartphone. They focused on unique design.  Croyle said the company is solely focused on getting the Robin into the hands of customers at the moment.

HTC Desire 530

Now there is last piece among the top ten phone. HTC desire 530 is dying a slow death it the smartphone market. HTC launches three new smarphones at MWC. The Desire 530 adds a splash of color to the relatively mundane world on smartphone design. It have a plastic speckled back that is embracing.


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