Huawei P9 Android Smartphone Review

Huawei P9

Huawei is doing your best with its partnership with photographic camera company Leica. The P9 is probably the first phones from the portfolio that bears the Leica manufacturer, and the mobile cell phone maker is hoping this may give it an edge on the competition.

The P9 features a dual camera built because is supposed to give it more descriptive, higher-quality photos; one relates to monochrome, one with RGB. It is often engineered with Leica to bring added imaging expertise for the 12-megapixel camera, with manual controls for more confident snappers.
A wide-angle lens crams more in to the picture, while bigger pixels let more light in to the images, which means low light is not any longer as much of your problem as it has been for other phones. To check it, I took an image in a darkened area, with nothing but any phone screen to illuminate the niche. The resulting picture has been grainy, yes, but it absolutely was clearer than anything We have captured in similar situations with other phones.

Display of Huawei P9

  • The good

Nicely made with a great camera plus a price that won’t completely blow your allowance.

  • The not so excellent

The headphones bundled with all the device. Hard and unyielding, they’re not one of the most comfortable. The biggest drawback for the P9, though, is the particular preinstalled apps. It’s bloatware-a-go-go the following.

  • The rest

The phone will come in 32GB and 64GB variants, with the option to bump the ability up with a microSD credit card. There’s a single speaker around the bottom of the cell phone, and the headphone jack in addition has been shifted there.

  • The particular verdict

The P9 lives around its promises on the particular camera, but Emotion UI has to take a long, hard examine itself.

Inside daylight, Huawei P9 puts in a impressive performance, capturing more detail and clearer images in comparison to its rivals. And it can all this without the particular now ubiquitous camera bump that catches on your own pockets as you put the device away.
Back part of huawei P9

The P9 follows the last P series phones with regards to design, and Huawei is keen that will put it up against the Apple and Samsung competitors. Although the screen will come in at 5. 2in – bigger than the iPhone 6 – it really is still thinner than the Apple handset and the particular Samsung Galaxy S7.
Other features are already designed to be far more convenient. The fingerprint sensor, as an example, is on the rear with the phone, just where your little finger would naturally land once you hold the phone one-handed. Besides unlocking the phone, that sensor could also be used for taking a selfie.

These are selfies, Huawei has put an eight-megapixel camera around the front of the device for this specific purpose. It also has a “beauty” mode around the front-facing camera, which lets you smooth out your epidermis, whiten your teeth, brighten your eyes and also slim down your confront. Go too far, even though, and you’ll start to be able to resemble an alien. I turned up all the beauty outcomes to 10 and posted the outcome on Twitter – we were holding a little freakish.

Huawei P9 Side size

The particular Android handset is run by Huawei’s own Kirin model. It does a sufficient job that the common consumer won’t even observe it’s not the everywhere Snapdragon chip inside.

Huawei’s software – the particular Emotion UI – is rear. Personally, I’m not the greatest fan, and the P9 comes with a big irritant: too significantly preinstalled software. Social media apps are a very important factor, but there are a lot of games and what Huawei makes “top apps” already lurking on your own handset. Ditch the bloatware, you should.