Sony Executive Confirms Xperia Z Series Stays Available in the market; Z6 To Be Introduced On MWC 2016?

The actual release of Xperia By series has increased speculations that Sony wouldn't pursu... thumbnail 1 summary

The actual release of Xperia By series has increased speculations that Sony wouldn't pursue in developing Xperia Unces anymore, since the firm may be silent on the chance of releasing Xperia Z6.

It had been guessed sometime in Feb that Sony might decrease a clue on Xperia Z6's release within the Mobile World Congress 2016 (MWC). On the other hand, Sony presented the X performance as well as Xperia X, International Business Times reported.

As for that speculations, Z5 is possibly the final mobile handset that'll be launched in its sequence. Don Mesa, Sony Cellular U. S, Head of Marketing explained how the XA, the mid-range Xperia series is developed for that users who like less pull how the Z series gives.

Mesa explained that the X series is really a varied line which is impossible that the Z series is going to be eliminated in their manufacturer product line.

It is good to understand that the X sequence is just almost two months old. This detail is collaborated with a Sony representative and a trusted report by Techradar. Within September 2015, the Xperia Z5 premiered in the Internationale Funkausstellung (IFA) Berlin. The event is known among the strongest tech exhibits within Germany.

Xperia Z5's Premium as well as Compact editions were launched within the said event. It showcases a 23 megapixel camera that provides 4k video recording as well as Ultra HD experience. In addition, 424 pixels-per-inch resolution upon its 5. 2 inch screen that's certified IP68. Sony's smart phone is powered by 2900 mAh electric battery, octa-core processor, 3GB associated with RAM and Snapdragon 810 program chip, Motoring Crunch documented.

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