Bendable Smartphone's Time Is already: Moxi Set to Mail 100, 000 Devices 2016

It’s been a long time since Samsung and Sony first showcased their flexible display in 2010 and there hasn’t been any commercial products based on it. However, the Chinese start-up company Moxi Group (official corporate name: Chongqing Graphene Tech Company) has taken up the challenge of launching the first commercial flexi-phone. The company said it would be shipping 100, 000 units of their first version of the flexible phone in 2016. The current version uses the wonder material graphene to create a touch enabled grey-scale E Ink display.

Bendable Smartphone's Time Is already: Moxi Set to Mail 100, 000 Devices 2016

Using the graphene enables the touch interactions while the display is held straight and even when it is folded/rolled up to form a bracelet. Graphene is yet the thinnest material known that has great conductivity along with its very flexible and durable nature. Moxi Group showcased a working prototype recently which it will now be commercializing, however the first batch of 100, 000 devices will only be available in China. The company did say if the response is good, they will think about going international as well.

Moxi Group also plans to release a color display version of the same however it is still under development. In an interview, the Moxi Group said its much easier to build a device with black-&-white display than with a color display, hence their color display version will come out by 2018.


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