Lenovo teases the following Moto phone having a gloriously 2000s Razr advert.

We are confused when i write this specific. Before looking at ahead, you'll want to see a simil... thumbnail 1 summary
We are confused when i write this specific. Before looking at ahead, you'll want to see a similar video that will left me which has a baffled search on our face. I feel like I just got back from my high institution days once stuffed with acne, perplexed teenagers, prolonged hair, along with Motorola RAZRs. Your video can be titled “Moto summer. 09. 16”, likely your date for the new mobile phone to launch as well as to hold the unveiling celebration.

Lenovo softly released this specific ad, in Motorola Mobility’s Metacafe channel, set in a very high institution with a variety of adolescents coping with their secondary school phases. The advertising starts which has a girl transmitting a text to Tyler expressing “ILYSM” (meaning ‘I enjoy you consequently much’, when we employed to text using acronyms).

There after, the digicam rolls past a variety of other kids who will be either in a very phone call up, answering the product, or normally engaged using RAZRs. The vibe is scheduled with your song inside background named “The Wonderful Escape” by the band named “Boys Similar to Girls”. While I can sit along with analyze your story occurring, that’s certainly not what things. The point in the video should be to tap straight into viewer’s nostalgia. We even have a “Hello Moto” towards the end of your video. Ok last one, nostalgia.

What does one make of computer? Why would likely Lenovo employ an ad this way to tease their newest flagship unit? It only doesn’t add together in our head for reasons unknown. Could Lenovo’s brand-new flagship always be as successful because Motorola RAZR ended up being? Could Lenovo always be releasing a new clam-shell touch screen phone? Could Lenovo always be targeting your millennial demographic? At now there will be more questions when compared with answers.

The Motorola RAZR was the most successful clamshell cell phone devices on the globe.

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