Pixel XL: Press render shortly before announced

Leaked yesterday what seemed to be an official press render the Pixel phone , which will ann... thumbnail 1 summary

Leaked yesterday what seemed to be an official press render the Pixel phone, which will announce this year the Google in collaboration with the HTC and will take the place of the nexus. The render showed renewed UI of pixel launcher, who has been heard that would have round buttons on the Home screen.

These are supposedly made by HTC smartphone brand, and will be the first smartphones made under the “Pixel” phone branding, as Google has reportedly opted to do away with the “Nexus” branding this year.

However, the pixels smartphone will not only come in, but there is a big brother which we have become accustomed to call as pixels XL. The @evleaks handspring today a press render stating that belongs in the Pixel XL.

Between the two renders it was difficult to distinguish between what is the pixels and more the XL, but the sources say this is the purpose of Google somehow wants to follow the example of the Apple with the iPhone, cyclist two smartphones with different screen size.

The pixels and pixels XL Citigroup are rumoured that would come with  4GB RAM and Snapdragon processor 821. The small screen incorporates 5 inch 1080p and the XL, 5.5 inch screen QHD, while both would be AMOLED. The options for external memory is from 32GB and can arrive at 128GB, 3.5 mm headphone port on top, on the lower side there will be USB Type-C and sensor implementation rules became necessary fingerprints on the back.

The battery of the pixels XL is expected in 3450mAh, the pixels in 2770mAh while both smartphone will powered by Android 7.1 Nougat. The value of the pixels is rumoured that will start from 649 dollars, which means that the Pixel XL will rise even more.

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