Twitter: comes out for sale and the Google is candidate buyer

In soundscape of news that Twitter comes out for sale, the shares of the company were fired, e... thumbnail 1 summary

Among the names to hear that they want to buy Twitter is Google and Salesforce, with the second being american company active in the area of cloud.

According to analysts of Wall Street, Twitter (if indeed come out for sale) not pulling the interest only for its abilities as social media, but mainly for the data collected from users. For example, recently started to do live streaming the NFL Thursday night Football which went extremely well and has the Periscope, app which allows users to make live stream through the cameras to mobile phones and seeing the followers.

However, it is no secret that Twitter is not doing very well last (as economically) while the Google from the other does not hide its intentions to get more involved in the area of social media, a and failed to create an opponent of the Facebook.

At the moment there is no official communication, so keep the necessary reservations.

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