Thursday, 6 October 2016

LG: Patent reveals flexible and transparent touch panel

The industry of screens do not appear to be compatible with what has managed until today, with the investigation to continue to create even better products such as high performance OLED panels and flexible screens.

As regards the flexible screens, it is known that for a long time the Samsung and LG working intensively with the Samsung in the past has shown a flexible panels and has promised a foldable smartphone 2015. 2015 but proved for Samsung an elusive final date, without this means that put it down.

On the other hand the LG in the past has shown us that we can expect foldable and rollable devices in 2017. A new patent that came to light of publicity, shows that the deadline of 2017 is perhaps not impossible. Unfortunately, the patent does not say much information, but the renders in this show that the LG, not only aims to create a foldable panels, but a transparent and touch sensitive.

From that it seems the LG envisages a device that has shaped books and can be folded. The left part of the panel from that shown is transparent and has over the multimedia controls. With the use of the touch screen will all intents logically and the other half of the display panel. Another idea is that because the left half panel is transparent will also be able to monitor and the other when the screen is folded.

Be that as it may, we are at least a year away from traffic from a foldable device. We are waiting to see if the LG failed to adhere to the timetable.

LG: Patent reveals flexible and transparent touch panel

LG: Patent reveals flexible and transparent touch panel

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