Samsung Galaxy S8: With Dual camera and without central button

Can the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to is the talk of the town, due to the withdrawal and the new r... thumbnail 1 summary
Can the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to is the talk of the town, due to the withdrawal and the new reference for an explosion in a safe piece, but the eyes are directed toward the Samsung Galaxy S8, which Samsung must do the excess to make people forget the misfortune of note.

The new information coming from Korea say that Samsung is preparing to make significant changes as regards the hardware of Samsung Galaxy S8.

The first change is the removal of clicable home button, which can be replaced by a fixed part as did the Apple iPhone in 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Can we look at an on-screen version and the sensor implementation rules became necessary impressions be integrated into the glass of the screen.

The same sources from Korea have concluded that the removal of the home button may indicate that Samsung plans to put across the front of the Samsung Galaxy S8, screen. This cannot be explained by resulting, but to remove the central button certainly would make it possible to reduce the re-launched on the lower side.

The other information concerning the camera the Samsung Galaxy S8, which we have heard in the past that can be twofold. A trend followed more and more manufacturers and adopted the Apple iPhone 7 Plus. It is not yet clear whether the Samsung will use "all-in-one" dual camera or "separate" dual camera. The first has two lenses and a module and the second features two separate modules. In S8 information they say that we will see a sensor 16 Megpixel and a 8 Megapixels.

As regards the processor, been heard that will join the Exynos 8895 and the Snapdragon 830, while we recently saw the information which they said that Samsung will assume the exclusive manufacture of Snapdragon 830 with the procedure of 10Nm.

Finally, the communication of the Samsung Galaxy S8 is expected in February with circulation in March.

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