Android VS iPhone which is the best in this period ? Android is better than iPhone

Android or iphone? From a variety of advantages, a phone is better at the present time, many of the questions arise. Android is the most popular operating system of the current period. Which is an open operating system that can use all mobile companies, but the ios operating system only uses Apple's company for iPhone.

Judging from this aspect, the Android operating system is more popular and accessible to people than ios. Android and all are well-known operating systems, so everyone is more comfortable running the operating system phones, whereas on the other hand, it is not as popular as the users are not familiar with the iOS operating system.

Android operating system has been running its operations since 2005 and it has gained a lot of popularity but in the case of ios it was not. When we want to buy a smartphone, we ask the people who know the fact that a phone will be good. In those cases, those who have knowledge of smartphones, they are advising us to buy the first Android phone. And many times they are forbidden to buy an iPhone. According to even many technicians, android phone is time-consuming and readily available for us at present.

Many people love iPhone because of Apple's creativity in terms of technology, security, application acceptability, speed, etc. However, Android phone users are more comfortable with the use of Android phone users than iPhone. Actually, there is no end to any of these arguments between iPhone and Android phones. Here we have highlighted several differences between the iPhone and Android phones.

Storage capacity

On an iPhone we usually see 32 to 64 gb fixed memory. Which can not be increased using any extra memory card. But in this case android phones are much ahead of the behavioral market, they are usually 32 to 64 gb but they can increase them if you wish. For example, samsung galaxy s7 smart phone you can increase memory up to 256 GB but it is not possible for i phone. Again there is a difference in the price of the sky, where Android is going to buy a 32 or 64 gb of phone to make it almost three times in Apple's case.
Available operating systems
Android phones are easier to talk to.

In android phones, you can effortlessly see all the notifications through lock screen but it is a bit confusing for the iPhone. On android, you can easily close recent apps so that your memory will increase, while working on this iPhone is very difficult to compete with. The use of android is the use of software for the use of google play store and it is very easy to find. But the possibility of a virus attack on the phone is that the possibility of virus attack on the iPhone is very low because they use the apps they use for their smartphones or they are released. So we can say that the iPhone is ahead in this direction.

Google map vs iphone map

In the meantime, the iphone has begun to apologize to the customers of their maps because they found many mistakes on their maps, they have made a lot of ridicule because of the railway stations in place of the river hotels, the bus stations in the school, etc. So they advised their customers to use Google Maps. But Android phone users are very quiet about Google Map and feel that they are very trusted.

Browser and Mail method

At present, Google chrome and Mozilla Firefox are the most popular web browsers. But the browsers can be used on iPhone but it is not by default. Most people in the world keep Gmail in the top row for the girls, but you will not get Gmail by default on the iPhone. Iphone advises their customers to use them by default mail.

Some more differences

There is little difficulty with the i phone, but its battery can not be changed, but it is different in Android. Since many of us use our personal computer in Windows operating systems, we have to transfer many data from time to time. Data transfer from personal computer to android phone is very easy but it is not easy to transfer data from iphone to personal computers. For this you have to download another app from the iphone store and there is a problem to update it.

About 62 percent of the users are facing various problems in using iPhone software, but android hands a little less than 41 percent.
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