VGA Virtual Display Adapter HDMI | better 4K Video Adapter for big screen

Viewing the video at the present time has become a part of the life of every person taking an interaction. There was a time when we were not as aware of the quality of the video, but day by day, we are all very much aware of the quality of the video.Now we are attracted to watching better quality video to see the quality of the video. For many days the quality of hd quality video has attracted our attention. But now 4K is the best for watching video on big screen. One time we would go to the cinemas to watch the movie on the big screen. Now big screen televisions are seen in every house. We need an adapter to watch the movie on the big screen. 4k video quality level is generally able to watch videos from  3840 * 2160 resolutions.

Below are detailed information about this adopter, hopefully these information will be useful to you. At the time of buying an adapter, you must buy the following information and then buy it. It is definitely necessary to buy whether it is good quality at the time of purchase. You must know about the warranty guarantee and delivery charges before purchasing the product.


VGA display virtual machine is mainly to the old VGA interface or DVI-I analog interface to the host use. Highest resolution up to 1920 * 1080.
1.VGA and DVI version support up to 1920 * 1080 @ 60Hz.
2.HDMI version supports up to 4K (3840 * 2160) @ 60Hz, 1080P @ 120Hz. Need HDMI2.0 support. Special resolution, please contact the owner.
3.HDMI lock plate treasure (Gong mother) at 4K @ 30Hz, 2K @ 60Hz stable use.

VGA and HDMI display virtual machine, dummy load. Specifically that the role is: to simulate a display, the main use are:
4. Remote control of the computer screen resolution can be set very high, not the lowest resolution black screen state.
5. Scientific calculation of the graphics card to work properly, heat normal.
6. To solve the mining without reason to stop, the graphics do not work the problem.

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