XCY Mini PC Review for The great experience

At present, the computer is especially affecting everyone's lives. With the present day computer devices, it has become too small to be gradually smaller and it is quite a favorite. There are some people who are more comfortable to use Mini computers. Mini computer is an advantage, like a big desktop computer, we can use large monitors as well as mouse and keyboard.

Like a computer naughty computer, but the size will not be so big. If you want to use a powerful computer in a little space, you can take the mini computer. If you want to take a mini computer in low prices then the XCY mini computer is the best of all I think. In low prices, you will get money, crazy mind and happiness like doing professional work. From design side, this mini computer is no less than in any direction. This mini computer is very nice to see and is very suitable to adapt it to any place.

This mini computer is the kind of facility that a large desktop computer has.The computer has a power option four usb 2.0  two 2.3 USB a lan, a vga, a hdmi, a wifi.

Before buying a thing we feel confused about its color, I think it is better to have the color tin in the color of the room.This computer will get you three colors which are silver, gold and black.

You can install any kind of operating system like Windows 10 on this 8 in the 7 you can also install Mac on Linux Windows system. There is another great feature of this computer is dual monitor or dual display facility.

This computer will also support 150m and or 300m Wi-Fi. I need Wi-Fi facility because now a days Wi-Fi is the most important part of a computer.

The reading speed of SSD is 3-5 times the traditional SSD but it has greatly improved running. This computer support single channel low voltage DDR3 Ram. You can also put or slot factor is HDD in this computer.

All the components used on this computer are changeable.So we can change them at any time. So check these things below to see what features are available to this computer for now.

Type:Mini PC
Processor Main Frequency:1.5Gz - 1.90GHz
Model Number:X30
Graphics Card Type:Integrated Card
Hard Drive Capacity:120GB
Memory Capacity:≥ 4GB
Type:Mini Desktop
Processor Brand:Intel
Processor Model:i3-4010Y i3-4020Y i5-4200Y i5-4210Y i7-4610Y
Memeory Types:DDR3L 1333/1600MHz
RAM:2GB 4GB 8GB optional
Graphics:Intel HD Graphics 4200
Operating System:Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Linux, etc.
Interfaces:4*USB3.0, 2*USB2.0, 1*HDMI, 1*VGA, 1*LAN, 1*SPK, 1*AUDIO, WIFI
Case Color:black silver golden
PC Case Material:full aluminum alloy
Video Output:DHMI VGA

XCY Mini PC Review for The great experience XCY Mini PC Review for The great experience Reviewed by md shahinur on May 08, 2018 Rating: 5