Walton Smartphone Price in Bangladesh 2017

All Walton Smartphone price List 

Price BDT MSRP Tk.28,990.00
Price MSRP Tk.22,990.00

Walton Primo ZX2
Price MSRP Tk.27,990.00

Walton Primo RM3
Price MSRP Tk.11,990.00

Walton Primo NX4
Price MSRP Tk.13,990.00

Walton Primo NX4 mini
Price MSRP Tk.9,990.00

Walton Primo EF5+
Price MSRP Tk.4,990.00

Walton Primo D8S
Price MSRP Tk.3,090.00

Walton Primo EF5
Price MSRP Tk.4,090.00

Walton Primo NH2
Price MSRP Tk.7,390.00

Walton Primo NH2 Lite
Price MSRP Tk.5,790.00

Walton Primo E8
Price MSRP Tk.3,690.00

Walton Primo F7
Price MSRP Tk.4,890.00

Walton Primo D8
Price MSRP Tk.3,090.00

Walton Primo NF2+
Price MSRP Tk.8,190.00

Walton Primo NH
Price MSRP Tk.7,390.00

Walton Primo NH Lite
Price MSRP Tk.5,790.00

Walton Primo EF4
Price MSRP Tk.3,990.00

Walton Primo EF4+
Price MSRP Tk.4,590.00

Walton Primo E7s
Price MSRP Tk.4,190.00

Walton Primo HM3+
Price MSRP Tk.8,490.00

Walton Primo RX5
Price MSRP Tk.10,990.00

Walton Primo H6
Price MSRP Tk.9,490.00

Walton Primo HM3
Price MSRP Tk.7,190.00

Walton Primo GH6+
Price MSRP Tk.6,790.00

Walton Primo GH5+
Price MSRP Tk.6,890.00

Walton Primo VX+
Price MSRP Tk.12,990.00

Walton Primo R4s
Price MSRP Tk.9,990.00

Walton Primo R4+
Price MSRP Tk.9,690.00

Walton Primo NF2
Price MSRP Tk.6,990.00

Walton Primo N2
Price MSRP Tk.7,890.00

Walton Primo NX3+
Price MSRP Tk.16,490.00

Walton Primo GH6
Price MSRP Tk.5,690.00

Walton Primo VX
Price MSRP Tk.8,490.00

Walton Primo GH5 mini
Price MSRP Tk.5,690.00

Walton Primo R4
Price MSRP Tk.5,290.00

Walton Primo V2
Price MSRP Tk.8,990.00

Walton Primo RM2 mini
Price MSRP Tk.8,790.00

Walton Primo E7+
Price MSRP Tk.4,550.00

Walton Primo GH5
Price MSRP Tk.7,590.00

Walton Primo E7
Price MSRP Tk.3,990.00

Walton Primo C4
Price MSRP Tk.2,840.00

Walton Primo RM2
Price MSRP Tk.10,990.00

Walton Primo NX3
Price MSRP Tk.14,990.00

Walton Primo F6
Price MSRP Tk.4,990.00

Walton Primo RX4
Price MSRP Tk.8,490.00

Walton Primo E8+
Price MSRP Tk.4,290.00

Walton Primo GF5
Price MSRP Tk.5,290.00


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